Happy relaxed pregnancy



• Stress Management in  ante-natal period


• Needle, hospital or other related phobia


• Hyperemesis  (severe nausea & vomiting)


• PTSD from previous birth experience


• Tokophobia  (Extreme fear of birth)


• Ante-natal depression


• Turning breech babies


• Mental preparation for parenthood


• Postnatal depression and anxiety


• Postnatal insomnia, headache                                             and breast discomfort

Additional issues I can help you with in

one-to-one appointments

Circumstances where the mum-to-be has experienced mental health problems in the past, has fears about childbirth towards the tokophobic end of the spectrum, or has specific anxieties about pregnancy or the transition to parenthood can be particularly

                conducive to one-to-one intervention.                                      



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