Harmon,Hynan & Tyre (1990) found that first time mothers using hypnosis had active labour reduced by half, from  9hours to 4.5 hours.  

Jenkins & Pritchard (1993) found that first time mums using hypnosishad labour reduced by 3 hours, (from 9.3 to 6.4 hours) and women of multipal pregnancies, a reduction of 1 hour (from 6.2 to 5.3 hrs)                

Pushing for first time mothers was reduced from 57 to 37 mins.     Other benefits were reported such as getting to sleep easier and reduced anxiety.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Medication Use

The Bobart & Brown (2002) study showed a significient reduction in the use of medication                                                  control   hypnosis

                                                                                              group        group    

                             uSING Regional anaesthesia                97%            3.8%

                             uSING analgesia                                       75%            5.5%

                             NO anaesthetic or premedication      2.7%            61%

                             At birth baby APGAR scores are significantly higher


                         Reduction of anxiety

                              Zimmer, Peretz, Eyal & Fuchs (1988) found that Foetuses moved in a much more active manner in mothers who used hypnosis for anxiety and stress management


Turning foetuses from breech

Mehl (1994) in a study of pregnant women at 37-40 weeks gestation, with foetuses in a breech position (100  in a hypnosis group and 100 in a control group)  81% of hypnosis babies were sucessful conversions to a vertex position compared with 48% in the control group


Extended effects of anxiety on children

The O'Connor (2005) study suggests that foetal

exposure to significant prenatal maternal stress

or anxiety affects a key part of their babies'                           developing nervous system. children have a                                 greater vulnerability to psychological problems                              even 10 years later, and perhaps medical illness in later life.                


Sleepy relaxed and calm baby yawning peaceful contented baby


*Shorter labour,Less discomfort,Contented Baby*